In-Patients Hospital
Our veterinary clinic is carried out round the clock monitoring of the state, is all the necessary care to patients
Home visits
Call the vet at home (Your region) doctor check-out in advance by phone call:
(555) 123-4567
We are conducting laboratory tests that promotes rapid diagnosis as soon as possible
Catering Services

Вкусные кофе-брейки, ланчи, обеды на выезд! Качественное и своевременное оказание выездных услуг!

Tasty coffee-breaks, lunches, dinners for catering! Qualitative and timely provision of catering services to any part in/out of the city!

Therapy, initial reception of cats and dogs
ECG for dogs and cats. ECG in preparation for anesthesia
General and specialty Surgery
In-Patients Hospital
Hospital for Animals
Analyses and laboratory studies
Annual vaccination of cats and dogs